SuperChef’s Breakfast—Clifton

2317 Brownsboro Rd Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 895-3270

After driving past the multitude of chain restaurants on Brownsboro Rd, we turned into the parking lot where our iPhone GPS said SuperChef’s Breakfast resided. After parking and walking around what appeared to be a Chicago Gyros joint snuggled between a dry cleaners and a Mexican restaurant, we noticed a small sign reading Olympic SuperChef and apprehensively entered.

We discovered SuperChef’s Breakfast when it popped up on Yelp‘s Hot New Businesses section. They opened a little over a month ago but already offer a $5 for $10 Yelp deal, which upon registering for a Yelp profile and visiting SuperChef’s page you can click on the $5 buy now and enter credit card details. They will also be releasing LivingSocial and Groupon deals at the end of this month—just in time for the July 5th opening of their second location in Chenoweth Square.

This new breakfast chef did in fact move into the Chicago Gyros building, sharing the location—kitchen, dining area and all. It’s a pretty neat idea that two completely separate restaurants operating independently of each other can co-exist in the same space. The same mentality perhaps shared by their twenty and thirty something clientele when renting an apartment. “Oh, you work second shift and will never be home when I am?” “Great!” Both save on rent and everyone is happy.

We went with a few friends to Sunday brunch and had a delightful time, despite the lack of aesthetics offered by the modest 8-table diner-like restaurant. The place was packed with families celebrating Father’s Day, but luckily we were able to squeeze in two seats at the end of the bar and stand around that area. We took co-owner Ryan Bryson‘s suggestion to place our order’s in the hopes that the timing of our food being ready and more seating becoming available would coincide. Chatting and joking with us while we waited, Ryan treated us like old friends. Despite half of our party standing, our female server still brought us coffee and water. It only took about twenty minutes before two more bar stools opened up. Upon being seated, SuperChef Darnell Ferguson offered us a serving of three light and fluffy beignets with dollops of strawberry compote bordering the edges of the plate while we waited.

SuperChef’s Eggs Benedict Usually $9.99

SuperChef’s Breakfast Platter Usually $9.99

The menu selection itself reveals this is no typical diner. Prices range from $6-$10 for each gourmet version of typical diner fare. Bacon is dressed with brown sugar. Hash browns are topped with a tomato aioli. The usual muffin, biscuit or toast option is amped up with a pretzel croissant. Most dishes are accompanied by fresh mixed greens spritzed with a light honey mustard vinaigrette. In addition to the flair presented by every dish our table ordered, one brunch classic stands out with it’s innovative twists: the SuperChef’s Eggs Benedict. Rather than poached, SuperChef chose over-easy. Instead of Canadian bacon, house-made sausage. Red pepper grit cake replaces the English muffin. All topped off with a rich yet light Mornay sauce.

A breakdown of our 5-star rating: The food quality does not match the plastic dishes and mismatched silverware it is served with. We love that while Darnell holds an impressive resume as the former chef of the 2008 Beijing Olympic team, as well as working in the kitchen’s of several of Louisville’s most upscale restaurants, he and Ryan are maintaining the same integrity as they cater to the masses. Not only do they use local ingredients when possible, but they seem to be working to raise our palates to those of the decadent. With rich taste comes much butter and the only slight criticism of the food is that the breakfast platter was a tad too oily. Nothing several napkins can’t cure.

Jasmine Ashton & Megan Feil, June 17, 2012

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