Asiatique— Highlands

1767 Bardstown Road  Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 451-2749

If there is a holy grail of happy hours in Louisville, Asiatique may be it. With classy cocktails, a minimalist aesthetic and inspired starters, one may not expect this upscale restaurant to offer discounted food and drinks. But in fact, they have specials nearly every night of the week—even a late night deal on Fridays.

Other patrons must feel similarly: when we arrived around 5:45 pm, the bar was filled to its 15 person capacity with an assortment of professionals recently finished with the work day. We, on the other hand, love that the low lights and plush couches in the lounge area make for an atmosphere that is both chic and inviting, giving us an excuse to dress up.

Yoshi $4

Pink Ginger Lemonade $4, Mango Gimlet $5, Berry Blast $4

We tried Asiatique for the first time in January after hearing friends rave about their cocktails. Now returning several months later, spring’s taste buds reigned prominently with elements like ginger, lemon, lavender, and mint enveloping many of the martinis and mixed drinks. We love that their drink menu evolves with the seasons. Upon this visit, we also learned that Asiatique’s manager and bartender, Jason Burns, is the mixologist responsible for inventing these decadent beverages.

Roasted diced duck breast, asian salsa, spiced miso aioli and crisp tortilla chips (Regularly $9)

Indochine inspired grilled angus beef satay with asian pesto (Regularly $8)

Choosing to ignore the label that “starters” implies, we began our meal and finished it solely with four delectable starters split between our party of three. Combining Pacific Rim cuisine with Western techniques, Asiatique offers a variety of protein options spanning the gamut from pork, duck, beef, lamb, and fish. Of the few we gorged on, our favorites were the beef kabobs and the duck nachos pictured above. It was easy to hit the vegetable category on the food guide pyramid as well. We couldn’t resist trying the uniquely named Vegetable Tempura Orgy.

A breakdown of our 5-star rating: It’s not often that we come across a happy hour that not only meets, but surpasses, our list of qualifications. Asiatique does it with flair. We love the fact that this restaurant offers daily specials, ranging from early evening to late night, in addition to a Monday through Friday happy hour. We also appreciate that they graciously extend their entire cocktail menu. However, what really sets Asiatique apart from some of the other upscale restaurants and bars that we’ve visited is the diverse appetizer selection available on special. In addition, the service has always been friendly and informative. We highly recommend the lounge or, for those who prefer a sunny exposure, Asiatique’s second floor patio provides another gorgeous setting for imbibing and enjoying.

Jasmine Ashton & Megan Feil, May 7, 2012

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