60 West Martini Bar – St Matthews

3939 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY
(502) 719-9717

We arrived at 60 West Bistro and Martini Bar prepared to enjoy an equal share of drinks and appetizers (or ‘lounge plates’ as they’re called on the menu) to split. Their eclectic international fare was well-portioned, yet light enough to pair with an evening of plentiful cocktails. We were impressed by the chef’s savory creations which perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the martinis.

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps $10, Beef N Blue Sliders $9, Bruschetta $8

Enjoying martinis at 60 West with our friend Andrea

60 West’s name references their arsenal of more than 60 specialty martinis. Normally priced anywhere from $7 to $9, they are $5 a pop if you order during one of their many happy hours. While many cater to the sugary taste buds of what seems to be their typical clientele, they also offer traditional style gin and vodka martinis. The use of bourbon, rum, and a variety of liqueurs also adds to their diverse selection.

Sexual Chocolate Normally $8

Taste the Rainbow Normally $7

After sampling a handful of drinks, Sexual Chocolate and Taste the Rainbow became instant favorites. Sexual Chocolate will satisfy the cravings of the most desperate chocoholic and Taste the Rainbow is akin to drinking liquid skittles.

Though we didn’t set out to only imbibe martinis descendant from candy shops, the fresh juices and stiff pours tempered the saccharin nature of these cocktails—reducing the overkill effect. However, subtlety was not characteristic of the distastefully named “Alien Secretion” shooters for their worldly color.

Tall ceilings, wooden accents and angular decor create a trendy atmosphere. With the high volume of customers, 60 West has good potential for meeting people. On this particular night these people took shape in the form of gaggles of women. It’s a shame that our server Mike was the only male we interacted with all night because this is the sort of place that entices you to dress up a bit. On the other hand, if you’re a guy looking for a bar where the the ratio is stacked in your favor, 60 West may be just the place to go.

A breakdown of our 4-star rating:  It’s hard to beat drinking martinis in an upscale St. Matthews establishment for $5 each during a variety of happy hour time frames—including our coveted Saturday night slot (until 2 am!). We also love it when the quality and selection of martinis don’t sink during happy hour: no well liquors are used and the entire menu is available. Impeccable service and both a spacious bar area and dining room make this spot accommodating to both small parties and large groups. The only real drawback that we witnessed was the cost of the $8 – $13 appetizers which may be a necessary evil when the drinks are discounted so heavily.

Jasmine Ashton and Megan Feil, April 30, 2012

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