Havana Rumba — St. Matthews

4115 Oechsli Avenue  Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 897-1959

Havana Rumba, showing off its festive atmosphere and extensive menu of classic Cuban cuisine, is a favorite local spot to bring friends and out-of-town guests. Since the calibre of its menu and the loyal customer base have impressed us time and time again there was no question when it came to choosing our first St Matthews happy hour to review.

On this particular Monday evening we noticed a more relaxed crowd than previous visits. Rather than sit at the bar, we were drawn to a booth in the main dining area by the melodies of an acoustic guitar player–and the hostess.

Original Cuban Mojito $5

Having sampled mojitos all over town, we can safely say that Havana Rumba offers one of the best in Louisville. Not only is their concoction fresh and authentic, but a sprig of mint and a stick of raw sugarcane serve as functional garnishes.

Drink Menu

While the drink menu includes a multitude of cocktail options that range from $7 to $9, there are several select drinks (including the original mojito) discounted $2 during happy hour.

Cuban Sampler $8.99

Pollo y Jamon Croquettes $6.50

Unfortunately, there are no special deals on appetizers or entrees to pair with the generously poured libations. We were left to choose from the reasonably priced tapas to fill that void.

Having already eaten an early dinner, these dishes were the perfect snacks to accompany our drinks. We recommend both as solid representations of Havana Rumba’s flavorful palate.

A breakdown of our 4-star rating: We love that they don’t skimp out on the good stuff in their selection of happy hour drinks. We only wish (maybe too greedily) that food was included as well. Aside from the unique offering of original Cuban food and drinks, both the atmosphere and the physical space can accommodate anything from a romantic dinner for two to a large gathering of family or friends. Plus, a parking lot to boot!

Jasmine Ashton & Megan Feil, March 15, 2012

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One Response to Havana Rumba — St. Matthews

  1. I am enjoying your descriptions of good wining and dining places and wish I could sample some of them. Maybe I’ll come for a visit!

    Love, Grandma

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