Ditto’s Bar and Grill — Highlands

1114 Bardstown Road  Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 581-9129

Despite the name, it was difficult to say “ditto” to most aspects of this happy hour. Maybe it was the lack of advertising, maybe it was the poor happy hour hour selection, or maybe it was just that the deals weren’t that great. Even with the 215 person maximum occupancy, on this particular day, there were a total of 5 customers.

It was both of our inaugural visits to Ditto’s so we took our time perusing the otherwise extensive and healthy soup, sandwich, pizza, and pasta options (many of which feature those fun little extras that border on gourmet quality like almonds, avocado, and cranberries). Upon reaching the end of the full laminated legal-sized paper menu, we felt cheated by their cliche six-item apps portion relegated to us cheapskates. Two of which were just different sauces on the same thing (Buffalo Wings and Thai Wings)!

Our differing final opinions of the place stemmed from what we ordered. Megan chose the 2 apps-1 drink route while Jasmine went for the 2 drinks-1 app plan and that was just the beginning of the differences.

Dominic's Original Calamari $4.50

Jasmine felt that this was a typical case of a restaurant’s attempt to cover up poor quality–including the blase room temperature marinara sauce–with hefty portions. After consuming nearly every last fried bite that could have easily satisfied a couple, nausea ensued.

Half Portion Buffalo Wings $3.50

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $3.25

Megan’s hopes were not high for these processed food items, but they did the job–with the added benefit of no gross sick feelings afterwards. Quite a pleasant surprise! That fate might have been different had a small box not been requested upon ordering.

Drinks were the real point of contention.

BBC Bourbon Barrel Stout $3 & Peggy's Pomegranate Mojito $6

Cardinal Cooler $6

Cardinal Cooler $6

For the first round Jasmine ordered the mojito and Megan had the stout. The stout paid off as a safe bet, and it was a good deal for a great Kentucky beer. The mojito, on the other hand, tasted more like cough syrup than either alcohol, pomegranate or mint. As a last ditch effort, Jasmine splurged for one more drink only to experience more of the same. If the drinks had been delicious, $6 for a specialty cocktail wouldn’t be that bad. But, under these circumstances, $6 seemed overpriced and the regular $12 would have been outrageous.

A breakdown of our 3-star rating: While some of the food and drinks we chose were disappointing, we acknowledge that the cocktail quality was dependent on too many variables to make a clear call. We’d recommend sticking to the basics of beer and wine. This is the perfect place for a large group of friends to trade rounds and split apps… If you’re into that kind of thing in the middle of the day.

Jasmine Ashton & Megan Feil, February 26, 2012

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