Maido Essential Japanese Cuisine — CLOSED

1758 Frankfort Avenue  Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 894-8775

Jasmine first discovered Maido a year ago on her second and last date with an economical guy. While their courtship was short, it was just the beginning of another love affair: girl + sushi specials. Several months later, Maido has become a gathering place for many of our friends. Whereas the majority of happy hour specials focus on libations, Maido stands out for filling both our cups and our bellies. It only seemed natural for us to review this Clifton beacon.

We each ordered two items and split a large bottle of the cold house sake for $4  (also available hot) with the total bill ending up at just over $20.

Vegetable Gyoza $3

Serendipity Roll $7

Spicy Crab Roll (left) $3 & The Migrating Highlander (right) $4

As always, the portions left something to be desired but only because every bite was so delicious. It didn’t hurt that the music playing, albeit rather loudly for only 10 people seated, seemed to be ripped from my Pandora account.

A noteworthy feature, that we unfortunately couldn’t take advantage of this time, is their stone-enclosed multi-level outdoor patio. It is this haven that allows Maido to be such a popular place in the summertime. Seating the masses just isn’t plausible indoors.

A breakdown of our 4-star rating: They offer a variety of both food and drinks on special almost every day of the week and there’s never a wait. While their competitors may serve more substantial rolls, Maido is always our first choice when our pockets are light.

Megan Feil & Jasmine Ashton, February 23, 2012

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3 Responses to Maido Essential Japanese Cuisine — CLOSED

  1. Book-marked, I enjoy your site! :) Dunks

  2. njbrun01 says:

    I like the idea of your site. Unfortunately I have to disagree with your rating of Maido. There are so many better places for sushi in Louisville. Maido used to be my favorite. I wasted a lot of breath defending it against detractors. Alas, I’ve finally come around to some sense. The sushi quality has tanked in the last three years. The only place I’ve been to that has worse sushi is Ginger. The service at Maido just plain sucks. I quit going there because of one of the servers. I’ve been seated at her table three times, and each successive time I gave her another chance hoping she’d just had a bad day previously; now I know she’s just a bitchy, inattentive, and unaccommodating server, and I won’t go back.

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